Basket Zaragoza
Art Direction + Graphic Design

While designing at Comuniza
Zaragoza is one of the most dynamic cities in Spain in terms of professional and nonprofessional sports. Basket Zaragoza competes in the top professional football division of the Spanish basketball league system. They needed a fine-tuning of its visual identity and general graphic system, as well as new branding.

We designed a brand identity that transcends, capable of expressing ambition and strength, and connected to the town Zaragoza. The lion represents the latent values of the club: it is a noble and strong animal who expresses a courageous and renewed roar. The new visual formulation goes for a frontal gaze, not afraid of future challenges. At the same time, we employed dynamic visual resources that denote power, fury and audacity through the claws, which extend to typefaces and the visual system as a whole. 

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