Naming & Identity
Pezfavor! likes to understand every detail of the fish they serve their customers. They know the fishermen who are going to provide the food, and they know where and how they have caught it. This is the only way they conceive to be able to offer a personal service, a quality menu in a family restaurant.

Identity & Music Artwork

When we talk about rap the prejudices enter the field: street lives, black music, gold chains, vandalism, pride ... The rap is going further, it is to enter the inner world of people and make them entering into a debate, is to claim human rights, to be non-conformist and not content ourselves with what society presents us as an "ideal", is to ask us questions about everything that surrounds us, it is freedom to say what many They would like and do not know how to do it.

Thus the visual and brand identity of the singer Eluss has been created. Graphically defining these concepts visually convey what the words describe.

Orsai Fanzine
Editorial Design
Orsai is a "low-cost" editorial mag about the world of football, ie is full of different historical, aesthetic and detail curiosities of this sport pased around the history and particular aspects that happen today.

Identity & UX/UI
Gasoline is a free App that acts as a search engine and pump comparator Spanish. In it, we can filter the pump according to our preferences either for or price of fuel or the distance you are in our position. We can also bookmark and thus directly find the gas station usually use. The most important objective is to inform the user Gasoline fuel prices at different gas stations of Spain. But also offers a search service offered by service stations.

Solo Digital Magazine
Editorial & UX/UI
Solo with a clear and unique identity with daring and comparing fonts. On it, one can find articles about personalities that have found greatness in their solitude.
T. (+34) 661 777 221